Le Magasin - CNAC - Grenoble France

Le Magasin - CNAC

Located in a hall built in the early 20th century by the Eiffel company for the World’s Fair in Paris, the MAGASIN - National Center for Contemporary Art (CNAC) is one of France’s leading centers for contemporary art. Inaugurated in 1986 as part of the country’s decentralization, all of its spaces are dedicated to temporary exhibits that show off the diversity that today’s contemporary artists have to offer.

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The hall also houses the MAGASIN School, Europe’s first training program dedicated to curating practices, as well as a specialized book shop.


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Protected by the immense steel and glass structure from the Eiffel era, the visitor moves through two main visit spaces: the “Street”, which welcomes gigantic works and allows you to appreciate the monumental architecture of the site, and then the more intimate exhibit galleries.

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The MAGASIN sits at the heart of an old industrial neighborhood that has today been rehabilitated. The museum fits in perfectly with this renewed energy.
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