Street Art

The city walls have long been places of expression. In 1979, Pinon Ernest proposed one of the first artistic frescoes.

It was in the 2015s that street art took its place in our streets with the launch of the Grenoble Street Art Fest ! Each year, this festival highlights many creations: monumental walls and works of local or international artists of different styles and using different techniques.

"Rose Girl" Shepard Fairey Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 2019

An open-air museum

Since 2015, more than 235 permanent walls have been built in Grenoble, Fontaine, Le Pont de Claix and Saint-Martin-d'Hères.

Walls that are chosen from the public space as close as possible to sustainable traffic roads (tram lines, cycle paths, bus lines), but also walls in less busy streets, in which we are happy to search for the next work that will come to one’s eyes. Strolling through the city then becomes a constant discovery. And all of this for free!


Robert Proch Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 2019 © Andrea Berlese

Grenoble Street Art Fest ! - An annual festival

The Grenoble Street Art Fest ! takes place every year at the end of spring. It gives artists the opportunity to create new frescoes in the city and in parallel it offers events, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

Spacejunk, at the heart of the organization

The festival is carried every year by the Spacejunk art center team, supported by around fifty volunteers. Spacejunk brings this festival to life in Grenoble area and beyond thanks to an opulent and interesting program. The aim of the festival is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to see the works created during the festival and to ensure cultural mediation throughout the year.

Fresque Street Art artiste Grow photo d'Andrea Berlese
" Animalitoland " Grow your interior out Grenoble Alpes Street Art Fest ! 2018 © Andrea Berlese Photography
"Rosa Parks" M4U Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 2019 © Andrea Berlese Photography
"We are nature" Julieta XLF Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 2019 © Andrea Berlese Photography

2020, a particular edition

To adapt to the context of COVID-19, the sixth edition of the Street Art Fest took place in two stages (June / July then September / October) but the desire to promote Street Art culture throughout Grenoble city was there! This 2020 edition, entitled Resilience, also aimed to support culture and artistic creation in this difficult period.

"I'm new here" Yann Chatelin Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 2020 © Andrea Berlese Photography

Street Art guided tours of the Tourist Office

The Grenoble-Alpes Métropole Tourist Office regularly and seasonally organizes Street Art guided tours, on foot, by bike or by tram. Check out our guided tours program!

And to complete our guided tours, a 256-page French / English book, compiling the vast majority of works produced during the first three editions of the Grenoble Street Art Fest, is on sale at the Tourist Office Shop.

© Nils Louna
"Broken Glass" Simon Berger Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 2020 © Andrea Berlese Photography
"TromBob-Omb !!!" de Tramb Grenoble Street Art Fest ! 2020 © Tramb