A city with mountains at heart

Is Grenoble’s identity both sides of the coin? Indeed, we have it all – don’t be jealous! Grenoble’s personality was carved in its ancient heritage, unveiled thanks to its archaeological sites, but also has a large part of modern spirit thanks to many world class labs and international research institutes.

Vue sur la ville de Grenoble de nuit depuis restaurant Bastille

As a “city in the mountains”, Grenoble goes bold, for a somewhat irreverent lifestyle: its is allowed to tickle surrounding mountain summits during the day, and attend a classy premiere at MC2 at night (formal is not always required, fleece are accepted).

Grenoble cherishes its Dauphiné identity thanks to a large heritage and rich history, but warmly welcomes all visitors, foreign students or expatriates who want to taste Grenoble life.
Grenoble conceives housings for the future in eco-neighbourhoods, keeping an architectural gimmick of large windows opening on Vercors mountain tops, so as to comply with Stendhal’s old motto “in Grenoble, every street ends with a mountain”.
Come and check it out by yourself !