A Grenoble student’s (fine) life

It is no coincidence that Grenoble attracts every year 65 000 students of 180 different countries, it has a lot to offer: 610 higher education cursus ranging from Bachelor degrees to Doctorate are available, a close relationship with international research labs and institutes and unique partnership with firms and companies – the capital of the Alps ranks 5th among the world’s most innovative cities. A magna cum laude, in other words. Grenoble, top of the class?
Yes, the city is used to ranking first in the “great places to study” charts – this is well earned: the American style campus can easily be accessed from the city centre, thanks to public transportation network and biking lanes.

Renowned institutes (Universities, PolyTech Grenoble) settled there a long time ago, among the chestnut trees and green patches.

Campus universitaire Grenoble automne etudiants

Ride your bike to reach research labs located in Scientific Presqu’Ile, among prestigious international facilities: Synchrotron, ILL, CEA, are making perfect bridges where student and professional lives meet.

place des monts du Campus universitaire de Grenoble Belledonne

Studies count, of course, but daily life should not be forgotten: Grenoble has a unique combination of entertaining, sports and cultural activities to offer: looking up from the campus, it is easy to evaluate how fresh the snow on neighbouring summits is; shall we go next weekend for a ski trip?
Ski – the word needs no translation, and is a perfect choice to bring together foreign students who came to Grenoble for part –or all- of their higher educational cursus.

Grenoble has many sunny days, too – as many as in Bordeaux or Toulouse, can you believe it? Taking advantage of the environment, many students enjoy outdoor activities during spring. Sports are on the list, but relaxing and lazing on a sunny café terrace with friends is, too. And it is time to enjoy the savvy program of many festivals before university year ends: time to say farewell to fellow students, but only till next year, when everyone meets again in Grenoble.

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