Innovation … Is natural !

Innovation in Grenoble is a second nature: the city acts like a spring for novelty, new experiments in the scientific, industrial and social areas. A state of mind, nothing less! This local spirit has been nurtured for quite a long time: it started with Jacques de Vaucanson and his automatons in the 18th century, followed by the development of the viscose industry, then the opening of the ancestor of your Tourist Office, which premiered in 1889 – until today, where cutting edge technology grows in the cradle of Presque Ile Scientifique.

Grenoble is proud of this strong technology-oriented identity: the city feeds local entrepreneurs with innovation, they will later become actors within the galaxy of numerous companies, engineering institutes and world-class labs.

SOI, which constitutes many local or international engineers’ bread and butter (well, when they are not actually hiking, skiing or trekking in the area), the development of sustainable housing (de Bonne ecoquarter was a premiere in France),...

...or the tram network, established two decades prior to other cities, Bastille cable car – in a nutshell, this is Grenoble’s innovative spirit. There is a new kid in town since fall 2014: the I-Road, a tiny electric car can be seen touring in Grenoble’s streets. The city has launched a partnership with Toyota to develop a local car rental service.
Give it a try!