Life, sweet life

A good point about Grenoble: the city has no favourite season, life is sweet all year long. Our environment contributes to the building of this specific Grenoble lifestyle – play it like the locals, enjoy! How about ...
… Riding the city thanks to one of the 5000 yellow bikes for rent from MétroVélo agency, a real institution celebrating its 10 years anniversary.

Grenoble is France’s flattest city, and the everyday workout includes riding a bike along the streets. Join the Grenoblois on this lifestyle must-do: you can’t skip it! … Chilling at a café in Grenoble’s centre. Enjoy a seat on terraces on Place Grenette or Jardin de Ville.

Passants statue bayard eglise saint-andrée terrasses

Ancient buildings in carved stone or pastel facades will surround you in a swirl of history while sipping a drink with friends – you will notice that many tourists, students, locals are likewise: enjoying this relaxed atmosphere-wait: isn’t there a twist of Italy in the air?

… Experiencing a thrill while supporting local sports teams: Grenoble has built top notch sports venues to host exciting games. Meet Brûleurs de Loups hockey team, FCG38 rugby team among others: all praise our special Grenoble spirit – open minded and fair play. To make the best of it, book a ticket for the next game!
… Treating yourself with local dishes: delicious gratin dauphinois, ravioles, walnuts and blue cheese of Vercors Sassenage naturally come along with tasty and friendly moments. Winter is great to enjoy these local specialties: complaining about the cold weather is no longer an option!

… Picking one of the numerous shows and events happening in and around Grenoble. Grenoble has plenty to offer all year long and you may have a hard time choosing the event you really want to attend: cultural and sports events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, trails… Always a pioneer when it comes to experimenting new ideas or hosting new events, Grenoble’s agenda has at least one date you will vibrate for – wait for the surprise and emotion!
… Finding out about Grenoble’s innovative spirit? Cutting edge technologies, famous research labs and institutes, pioneer companies, sustainable development compliant freshly built buildings… Innovation has been in the air for a long time around.
… Looking up? All around, you will see renovated housing or historical facades, Calder masterpieces, Bastille Cable Car, snow covered mountains… And your new Grenoblois friends, waving hello (or goodbye) from their balcony!
For sure, you will be coming back soon. Very soon.