Cabaret Frappé

A large tent in the middle of Jardin de Ville, barefeet crowd in the rose garden, groups of friends laughing out in a sunny evening, guitar riffs rolling around the old plane trees – this Cabaret Frappé Festival goes crazy! Every summer, la crème de la crème of pop and electro music artists meet in Grenoble – a hotspot gathering students, young adults, aficionados and newbies altogether! As a bonus track, some concerts are free to encourage the audience to discover new talents.

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Open air short film festival

How do you know for sure summer has hit Grenoble? In the early days of July, Place Saint André gets crowded at sunset – and the audience either sitting at cafes’ terraces or simply on the ground is waiting for the show to kick off. Since 1978, with the support of Grenoble’s Cinémathèque, local amateurs and tourists curious of the event have enjoyed every year a programme of around 50 short films, French or international, all running for the festival’s prize. When the screen is off, with audience turning into cinema critiques, conversations continue at cafes’ terraces or in the Jardin de Ville while enjoying a delicious ice cream.

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169 km of route on foot and 11,000 m of elevation gain through the 4 emblematic massifs of Vercors, Chartreuse, Taillefer and Belledonne. A rather unusual tour of the Grenoble metropolis!

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