La Coupe Icare (free flight & paragliding festival)

A cheerful and colourful event, just like the event’s famous posters you will come across in Grenoble: every year, Icare Cup takes place up in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, and flies down to Lumbin, with sound encouragements from a fascinated audience. Keep your eyes wide open to enjoy a joyful and slow dance of patterned paragliders, the majesty of silent balloons rising up in early morning mist, or the buzzing loops of freestyle air pilots across the Grésivaudan valley – although your neck might hurt at the end of the day, this festival is a must-see.

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Décollage parapente costumé Coupe Icare

Uriage en voix

Right after the Back to School days, Grenoble locals rush to Uriage to enjoy an entrance free music festival taking place in the gardens: just for the week-end, relax while listening to trendy artists and rising stars altogether. Enjoy, summer is still here…