Come by bus

Coming by bus has never been so easy. Numerous bus networks developed in the last couple of years and served lots of stops, at departure and at the arrival from the biggest European cities.


  • Confortable sits, snacks and drinks, WIFI and sockets.
  • Luggages : until 20 kgs ; 7 kgs by hand
  • 1400 European destinations at the departure of the biggest cities in France, including Grenoble.

Everything for a very low price and you could even get discount for groups or specific situations!

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  • On board: indivual lighting, A/C, toilets, footrest
  • 4300 journeys in Europe including numerous stops in Grenoble
  • No more need to get a paper ticket everything is done online
  • Possibility to modify your reservation 30 minutes before the bus leaves.

In group, alone or in duo, you could enjoy a low cost trip favoring cultural exchanges!

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  • On board : tablet, e-reader, wifi and USB plug.
  • Two free luggages of 20 kgs in the baggage hold + one by hand
  • Numerous arrivals per day in the station of Grenoble!
  • Numerous destinations at the departure of Grenoble

Benefit from a made to measure trip night and day, book on board by phone or online.

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  • On board : reclining sits, air conditioned, lighting, toilets, radio and micro TV + a WIFI access on the biggest lines
  • At the departure of the biggest European cities but also in Morocco, come in Grenoble!
  • Made to measure prices depending on your profil of traveller.

Eurolines is bringing you beyond the borders!

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Transisère network

  • Daily, monthly or yearly journeys
  • Transisère bus covered all the department of Isère.
  • Relay carpark including the service road of transisère buses. Free!
  • Buy your ticket on board or at the Transisère ticket machines.

A true time-saving trick for all your displacements thanks to the buses’ roads and a reduction of gas emissions inside the metropolitan air.

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