Public transports - Grenoble France

Public transports

Urban transport network

Park'n'ride, 1 day travel tickets (Visitag), family tickets (Tribu), find out the most practical way to travel with the T.A.G !

Tramway evenemtiel


5 tram lines, 36 bus lines, 18 park & ride spots, so easy to get around the urban area !

> Ticket  1 trip : 1.5€

> Ticket 10 trips : 13.40€

> Visitag 1 day : 5€

> Visitag 3 days : 12€

To find out more information on which option will fit you the best or to check out the network’s map click here !


Mobile Station : a handy tool to help you getting from one place to another, simple as ABC !
With StationMobile check out timetables, traffic, itinerary, smartphone users...

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