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FST – Grenoble

You’re in good hands !

Based in Grenoble, reknown city for luxury glove-making, FST perpetuates the tradition for more than 10 years
« Our wish is to make people express their personality through original, unique and colorful gloves.”
Each creation has its own story.
Made by a breathable micro fiber, theses gloves are guaranteed to be resistant, comfy and they specially offer a heating protection.

FST reinvents the glove to make you spend a colorful winter!

  • Exclusive creation specially for the tourist office Grenoble-Alpes Métropole
  • Drawn in Grenoble
  • Micro fiber fabric created in Roanne
  • Printed in Lyon
  • Assembling in the following department: Ain
  • A pair of gloves 100% made in Rhône-Alpes
Red Grenoble gloves
Grey Grenoble gloves
Old school Grenoble gloves
Orange Grenoble gloves
Man Grenoble gloves
Woman Grenoble gloves



Fabric editor in Grenoble’s area, Sageraba offers accessories for fashion and decoration, 100% made in France and created by partnership with the following photographer: Gérard-André Renault.

Case| Belledone’s quays
Pencil case | Roofs and bubbles
Pencil case | The big bubbles
Pencil case | The quays and the bubbles, summer
Pencil case | The quays and the bubbles, winter


Les affranchis – Grenoble

Frank and Frédéric create homemade and local cosmetics. 100% natural, they are from a very good quality, respectful for the planet and organic. Everything is hand made and the firm is totally open to communicate about ingredients that are part of their soaps.

Le Grenoblois’ soap
Made with walnut oil, honey and essential oil. 100% natural, respectful for the planet and organic. Homemade making.