From the desert of Jean-Jacques Rousseau to the Froussard farm

Equipment : Pedestrian sports, Hiking itinerary

Here, contrary to what its name suggests, there are no dunes or mirage but rather a narrow passage resembling a canyon with cliffs oozing with humidity.

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Following the steps of the famous philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau is an original way to walk in his footsteps. Indeed, the latter liked to herborize in the Vouillants wood at the beginning of Beauregard, where he stayed one month in 1768. The most direct access is the desert that bears his name today.

This walk, which is accessible to all, begins with a crossing of this gorge carved by ancestral streams. These deep places are occupied by an adapted vegetation where mosses and ferns are well represented. The botanical richness of Les Vouillants attracted Jean Jacques Rousseau, who lived for a month nearby, in Beauregard, in 1768. At the exit of the desert, the comfortable path runs along meadows. At L'Orée du bois, turn left towards the Froussard farm, which you reach 1 km later. Note the abundance of thorny tarragon or little holly in the undergrowth. It is hard to believe that only 1.5 km as the crow flies separate the walker from the city. The few ruins of the farm, between meadows and forests, let us easily imagine the past agricultural activity of this place. Leave the ruins on the right and continue straight ahead on the path that goes down towards the Karl Marx Park for 700 m. At the level of the barrier of the old ball trap, leave the left path and join the track on your right. Turn right on the trail and continue right again at the next intersection to reach Pré Faure. At the 4-way intersection at Pré Faure, follow the path towards the Jean Jacques Rousseau desert. A little further on this path is a small meadow in balcony on your left. You will discover a superb point of view on the massifs of Chartreuse and Belledonne. At the next intersection, continue straight ahead on the large path. At the level of the barrier to open on the road, take on the right the path overhanging the road of Saint-Nizier until the return to the parking area.

Stages of the circuits: Desert Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Falaise de Bois Roland, L'Orée du Bois, Ferme Froussard, Pré Faure, Désert Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Free of charge.

Opening periods

All year round.

Subject to favorable weather.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets allowed


Line T65 stop "Les Vouillants

  • Latitude: 45.171699
  • longitude: 5.673441

Track characteristics

5 km
Positive level difference:
250 m
Daily duration:
Level green – easy

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