Crossing the Vouillants

Equipment : Pedestrian sports, Hiking itinerary

The ascent to the Froussard farm for a discovery of the most beautiful sites and paths of Vouillants.

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As soon as you get off the streetcar, take the rue de l'abbaye and walk along the wall of the beautiful park of La Poya. Before continuing the ascent, turn left on rue de l'abbé Vincent to admire a well restored sundial. Continue the ascent on rue de la Poya to quickly reach the start of the path. The shaded ascent goes along the cliffs equipped with climbing routes until the famous "coup de sabre", a geological curiosity in the shape of a fault in which the path goes. As soon as you leave the path, a glance on your left allows you to measure the height already taken on the Grenoble Metropole with Néron and Mont Rachais in the background. After the cliffs, the forest becomes thicker and thicker, essentially composed of hardwoods such as maples, oaks, hornbeams. After having crossed a first forest track, continue its ascent in the forest, strewn with big limestone blocks encrusted here and there with flint nodules. A second track quickly crossed, will then mark out the route which becomes progressively less sloping. Soon, the trail reaches its high point and reaches the ruins of the Froussard farm which occupies a beautiful clearing. The easy trail leads to cultivated fields that the path bypasses to the left, towards the Raymond farm. At each of the few intersections you encounter, always take a left. Above the farm, turn left on a path for 60m to the old ball-trap, then turn right for 170m, staying on the right until you cross a forest track. Turn right and stay on the path until the junction with the road, at the level of the hamlet of Vouillants. Take the road for 350m before turning left onto the path. The last 100 meters will be on a sloping path with a yawing path, until the Karl Marx park where the bus 20 passes nearby.

Le calcul de la difficulté de chaque parcours prend en compte la longueur, le dénivelé positif, le plus grand dénivelé continu positif ou négatif ainsi que la technicité du terrain.


Free access.

Opening periods

All year round.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets allowed


BUS ACCESS: DEPARTURE: streetcar A stop "La poya" ARRIVAL: bus 20 stop "Karl Marx

  • Latitude: 45.195759
  • longitude: 5.671619


  • Mountain location

Track characteristics

6 km
Positive level difference:
400 m
Daily duration:
2h 30min
Level bue - Medium

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