Grenoble has history, too

Is Grenoble only a matter of ski? Forget it, come closer: the city will enchant history amateurs thanks to its rich cultural heritage ! Get off the beaten tracks: yes, Grenoble knows by heart neighbouring snowy summits - and hosts a rich historical past too. Follow us on a discovery tour - you will have plenty to tell about Grenoble during long winter nights. From Cularo to Grenoble, history made giant leaps through Dauphiné.

Façade nacine Palais du parlement Grenoble statue Bayard
The old Dauphiné Palais du Parlement © Pierre Jayet

Grenoble has always nurtured a pioneer, somewhat ireeverrent spirit with a reputation going way beyond the boundaries of Dauphiné. This rich past history still infuses in every day’s life : dynamic, curious, ready to experiment, confident in the future.

Fontaine des 3 Ordres, statue centre-ville
The fontaine des Trois Ordres © Pierre Jayet
Bastille fortress © Pierre Jayet

Could Grenoble’s pavement tell-they would speak about the city’s ramparts (3rd century), which remains are still visible in the old town.
Old stones would recall the terrifying Duke of Lesdiguières...

Halle Sainte-Claire © Pierre Jayet
Park Paul Mistral

...who initiated the building of Bastille fortress, today’s symbol of Grenoble: let the Bastille cable car (the ‘Bulles’) take you up there. You would learn about the Day of the Tiles in 1788, preceding the French Revolution, and about the Industrial Revolution, too.
Old walls in the city centre would share secrets belonging to Henry Beyle – whose pen name was Stendhal, or tell how a breathtaking road (from Grenoble to South France) was named after Napoléon’s march back to Paris, when the Emperor stopped in Grenoble.

Recent history can neither skip Grenoble the brave, who resisted fiercely during WWII, nor Olympic Grenoble back in 1968 for the winter games. History is yours to continue, while pacing streets and lanes in the old city, or discovering the collections of 34 museums in and around Grenoble. Be inspired by our local history and peculiar state of mind: these are our guidelines to write tomorrow’s history. Large choice of cultural events or festivals going on all year round, countless associations make this pioneer spirit part of Grenoble’s DNA.