Mountain ranges & Natural Parks

Randonneur montagne Mont Aiguille Trieves Vercors

“Grenoble, a city in the mountains…” and vice-versa: Belledonne, Vercors, Chartreuse form a majestic crown around Grenoble. The city and its privileged environment with Natural parks at the city doors: let’s go!

40 minutes” is the sentence to be remembered: 40 minutes is the average car or bus ride to reach Regional Natural Reserves, either Chartreuse, Vercors, or even Chamrousse summits, the first steps unveiling unique flora, fauna and many delicious or tasty surprises. A bit further (an hour and a half drive), renowned National Reserves – Ecrins or Vanoise are made for hikers. With Grenoble as a base camp, organize all your trips and natural unique discoveries in the region, all you have to do is: choose a mountain range to explore. Enjoy!

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