The Dauphinois Museum

You don’t have to be a nun to enjoy the local popular art in this convent.

Overlooking the city from the slopes of the Bastille, the Dauphinois Museum is housed in the former convent of the Sisters of the Visitation. It is first and foremost dedicated to popular culture and the people of the Dauphinois Alps.

GRENOBLE PATRIMOINE © Pierre Jayet-36.jpg
The Dauphinois Museum © Pierre Jayet

Taking an investigational approach to history, the exhibits are also evidence of our modern-day search for meaning.

Musée Dauphinois salle ski © Laurent Ravier.jpg
The Dauphinois Museum © L. Ravier OTGAM
The Dauphinois Museum © Ville de Grenoble

A certified historical monument, the convent was created at the beginning of the 17th century by Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Joan de Chantal. But nothing was constant in its history. Although it was once a religious home, it later served as a prison, barracks, and even accommodation.

Musée Dauphinois © Laurent Ravier.jpg
The Dauphinois Museum © L. Ravier OTGAM
Vue Musée dauphinois © Laurent Ravier.jpg
View of the city © L. Ravier OTGAM

In addition to the permanent exhibits like the People of the Alps, on rural mountain life through the centuries, and The Grand History of Skiing, the Dauphinois Museum hosts a plethora of events connected to the Dauphiné region, the Alps, the history of foreign communities in the area, and more.
From the gardens of the former convent, open to the public, you can enjoy a fine view over the old city, the banks of the Isère river, and the surrounding mountains.
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