The Grenoble Museum of Art

Created in 1798, the Grenoble Museum of Art lets you travel through eight uninterrupted centuries of Western art, and includes world-class works for each period.


Matthias STOMER "Le repas d'Emmaus" - Musée de Grenoble © L. Ravier OTGAM

Open the door into one of Europe’s most prestigious museums.

Museo de Grenoble © Pierre Jayet
Musée de Grenoble © L. Ravier OTGAM

The museum also houses a rich collection of Egyptian, Greek, and Etruscan artifacts: funeral equipment, everyday objects, sarcophagi, and more.

Musée de Grenoble
Sculpture - Musée de Grenoble © Thierry CHENU - Grenoble Communication

The current museum building was inaugurated in 1994 and its architecture is remarkably contemporary. The François Mittérand Esplanade and the nearby Albert Michallon park together are home to 15 outstanding modern sculptures.
In addition to the permanent collection with more than 900 paintings and sculptures, the Grenoble Museum of Art hosts nationally- and internationally-acclaimed temporary exhibits.
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