In the heart of the city - Grenoble France

In the heart of the city

Just a cliché, the Grenoblois in their sports shoes and fleece jackets? Surely so, because Grenoble is more than a bustling sports city. Among the pedestrian streets hide other facets, tucked away in the historical quarters.
The heart of the city is just waiting for visitors, to tell the stories of the flamboyant years, which saw the construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and just opposite, the Building of Progress, built in the 19th century.
Eyes in the air, feet on the cobblestones, let the city center unveil itself to you.

parlement_ancien_palais_©Service Photo-Ville de Grenoble.JPG
The old Dauphiné Palais du Parlement © Ville de Grenoble

The heart of the city will make your heart skip a beat, as you enjoy the terraces of Place Saint André, opposite the old Parliament building, or stroll along the fountains of Place Grenette. The sun-speckled ambiance of the Place Saint Claire will warm your heart.

The old Dauphiné Palais du Parlement © Pierre Jayet
Fontaine des 3 Ordres, statue centre-ville
The Fontaine des 3 ordres - Place Notre-Dame © Pierre Jayet

The heart of the city will refresh visitors as they stroll in the shadows of the century-old plane trees in the Jardin de Ville Park, just minutes from Stendhal’s birthplace. With its pastel façades, the Jardin de Ville has its own air of la dolce vita.

Musée Stendhal
Explore the city by bike

The heart of the city can also be explored by bike, where you can meet friends on the banks of the Isère, along the Saint Laurent neighborhood.
Last but not least, the city also boasts museums that show off its history to all who want to know: The Grenoble Museum of Art, the Old Bishop’s Palace, and more.
Grenoble’s heart is yours for the taking-go ahead!