The Old Bishop’s Palace Museum

Located in the heart of the historic center of Grenoble, just near the cathedral, the Old Bishop’s Palace Museum is housed in the former palace of the bishops. Beneath the site, major archeological remnants bear witness to the religious history of the city.
On the upper floors of this palace-turned-museum, prestigious collections retrace the history of the Isère department, from prehistoric times to today. Each year, the museum puts on two temporary exhibits on subjects connected to the history of the Isère area.

The Old Bishop’s Palace Museum © Frédérick Pattou

The visit is an invitation into the history of the building as well, with its architecture, the baptistery, and the remnants of the old Roman ramparts.
Touch tablets are available on request, for a modern approach to the museum’s collections.

The Old Bishop’s Palace Museum© Denis Vinçon
The Old Bishop’s Palace Museum © Ville de Grenoble

Follow a chronological journey through the important events in the history of the Dauphiné, from prehistory and the bronze age to the Celtic and Gallo-Roman times, the birth of the Dauphiné region, and the eras of industry, tourism, and technoloty.

The Old Bishop’s Palace Museum © Denis Vinçon
The Old Bishop’s Palace Museum © V Gaillard

The museum’s collections are extremely rich and many activities are offered to visitors all year long, especially for children. A temporary exhibit hall hosts new presentations on local and Alpine history
Because it’s a departmental museum, the collections are always free of admission.
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