Come by plane


Vue depuis la Bastille sur Grenoble et les montagnes

No time to loose, take a flight in the direction of Grenoble. THE destination where you could mix city break, mountain, cultural outskirts and sport discoveries.

Three airports at the edge of the city

Grenoble Alpes Isère Airport

Every winter, millions of tourists came from the entire Europe to practice winter sports; Grenoble’s airport is THE ideal platform for all your travelling projects, in the heart of the Alps.

Offering different low cost airlines, travelling through the United Kingdom and Northern Europe has never been so easy.

European destination

Its geographical location is close to the biggest trunk roads, giving the opportunity to reach the ski resorts of Isere within an hour and Grenoble’s inner center in 30 minutes. His position as an air terminal makes easier its access.

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Lyon St Exupéry airport

Only 55 min way from the city center of Grenoble, the airport of Lyon allows an arrival on the territory from the entire Europe.

With a considerable network of shuttles, notably Ouibus et Flixbus or with shuttles, transfers to reach Grenoble Alpes have never been so easy.

More information on the Lyon’s airport.

Aéroport de Genève

1h45 from the city center of Grenoble, Geneva’s airport offers numerous flights to come and go. No time to loose, come to discover the wealth of the city thanks to a significant frequency of shuttles between Geneva and Grenoble.

More information on Geneva’s airport.