24 hours in Grenoble

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Vue depuis la Bastille sur Grenoble et les montagnes

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Looking for an incredible and amazing experience? Mixing up adventure, mountain and culture? Grenoble-Alps- Metropolis is the place for you to be. Spring season is the most ideal season to explore the territory.

You’ve just landed in Grenoble-Isere, airport? No time to lose! Take the first shuttle to directly reach the town: ! Enjoy your bus trip while admiring marvelous landscapes; mountains are everywhere and circle the territory.

Here’s follow a couple of advices that might be helpful to discover the inner city!

Use the train station Wi-Fi and go on the Grenoble Pass website.This pass will give you the opportunity to discover the entire city (see partners’ list) for 19 € only. And on top of that, it includes transportations, visits, discount codes, gifts, etc. Once you’re done, and still at the Bus station, no worries. Public transportations in Grenoble are part of a much defined network.

Get yourself in a tram; two possibilities offered to you to reach the downtown area:

  • Line A, in the direction of “Denis Papin”
  • Line B, in the direction of “Plaine des Sports”

Just need to stop at “Victor Hugo”. Have a look up and gaze at the marvelous Bastille Fortress , the surrounding mountains and an incredible architecture. Here’s a link to get a complete overall view of the tram network, you can go everywhere around the metropolis.

Alone, with friends or family, you can be found of innovation or more likely into culture, Grenoble offers everything and is perfect for everyone. Being close to mountains, tourists can perfectly enjoy the cultural wealth of the city in the morning having a tour in one of the numerous museums, while enjoying the beauty of landscapes in the afternoon. First of all, have a little stroll in the historical center. One can wander in pedestrian streets while passing by incredible buildings, the cathedral of Notre Dame , the antique dealer district, little shops and so on and so forth. You just have to follow the tram’s railways and get yourself lost in the parallel streets.

Then have a walk in the famous “Les Halles” market. Enjoy the beauty of fresh and daily delivered vegetables, meats, and local products. You will discover thousands of colorful ingredients that will make your mouth water.

Start your cultural journey with the Museum of Grenoble . Take the tramway line B only and stop at “Notre Dame-Musée”. Enjoy the permanent collection of works of arts, from the Antiquity to the 20th’s modern trends, passing by pointillism technical, contemporary master pieces and Greek sculptures; this museum offers a large variety of arts. Moreover, a small underground is dedicated to the Egyptian time! Let yourself be merged on a trip with mummies and pharaohs.

The “Musée Dauphinois ” gives you the opportunity to comprehend the unusual History of the metropolis with an understanding of its main goals. It is also well known for temporal exhibits and marvelous, permanent collections.

Why don’t you leave next downtown areas to have a lunch on top of the Bastille Fortress? The view of landscapes will let you out of your breath; guiding your look across the mountain ranges surrounding Grenoble.

More information on the working process of the Bastille’s cable car .

A well-building path offers you the chance to go back down along gardens covered with flowers.

Quai Grenoble Isere téléphérique

Feeling a little bit hungry? Having spend the day walking by the streets of Grenoble and discover the incredible resources of the town, you just have to relax and enjoy the beauty of St Laurent’s district. Have fun in a warm atmosphere, you will be carried out in a neighborhood feeling like you’ve just arrived in Italy. The sunset light is very pleasant on the facades made of warm tone colors, and the river’s flow is getting you stunned by such an environment.  You will find a whole bunch of Italian restaurants, going from a simple but tasty pizza to refined food.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself ready to discover an incredible and dynamic city: Grenoble-Alps-Metropolis!

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