The Fort de la Bastille - Get a taste of the mountains... in the town!

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Bastille verdoyante passerelle en bois façades colorées quais isere

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The Bastille fort overlooks the city of Grenoble and is one of the city’s key attractions.

This military fort , was built under orders from the Duke of Lesdiguières, dates from the 19th century and is a part of Grenoble’s very heart and soul. Today, it is a popular place for tourists and locals alike to go for a walk, and enjoy the combination of nature, culture and sports activities here.


Hop aboard Grenoble's famous cable car , otherwise know as the « bubbles » for an original experience. Admire the exceptional views of the city, as time stands still, somewhere between the Isère, the mountains and the skies. You'll go from the city to the great outdoors in just a few minutes, with breathtaking views of the mountains all around you. Without hesitation, this experience is most definitely worth the detour !


If you're feeling energetic, you'll appreciate the walk up or down (around 45 min) along wooded footpaths and dotted with ruins of the ancient fortress. A chance to embrace both nature and culture, easily accessible from the banks of the Isère : Place de la Cimaise opposite Saint-Laurent walkway , from the Musée Archéologique Saint Laurentor via the Jardin des Dauphins (closed at night !)

There are quite a lot of steps and an overall positive incline of 285 m, so you need to be in good physical condition and wearing suitable shoes !


Admire the spectacular view of the Chartreuse, Vercors and Belledonne mountains. From the geologist's terrace, you can explore the amazingly diverse scenery in and around Grenoble : the history town centre, the monuments, the river Isère, Drac stream, etc. Then carry on up to the Vauban viewpoint to admire the breathtaking 360° views !  Look carefully and you'll see the famous Mont-Blanc in the distance.


Even of we could just stare in amazement at the view from the top of this mountain all day long... There are plenty of activities to do at the Bastille, with something for everyone !

Try out the fun activities at Accrobastillethrilling acrobatic trails adapted to all ages, as wekk as team games (excape room, treasure hunts, etc.) for some quality time as a family or with friends !

If you're looking for a spot of culture, discover the contemporary collections as the Centre d'Art Bastille, or journey back in time with the Alpine military troops as the Musée des Troupes de Montagne.

In the summer, the guides from Grenoble Alpes Tourisme organise guided tours of the site, to find out more about the Fort de la Bastille and unveil its secrets.

Reserve your guided tour !

We also recommend just taking the time to wander around the area,to explore this history site your own pace. There are informative signs with information about the cable car, the fort and the views. As you explore, stop off at the famous Grottes de Mandrin for an original experience in the cool atmosphere of the caves.

Do you want to find out more ? Near the cable car arrival station, the holiday advisors from the Tourist Office will be on-hand to give you all the information you need. Why not pick up some souvenirs and local products at the shop while you're there ?


All of these activities make you hundry ! At the Bastille, whatever you feel I like eating and whatever your budget, you'll find something for you.

The snack bar La Salle des Gardes serves homemade fast-food, made using fresh, local products.

At the O2 Restaurant, you'll find an affordable menu of top-quality dishes, served on the superb panoramic terrace.

At Chez le Père'Gras, an exceptional fine-dining experience awaits you, in a remarkable natural environment.

A taste of what's to come at La Bastille

Whatever the weather, enjoy the view of Grenoble thanks to our webcam. All the webcams in and around Grenoble.

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