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Posted by Céline BAUDIN on 07/06/2023 at 15:26


With its exceptional geographical location offering a multitude of panoramic views as far as the eye can see, Grenoble Alpes is now making a name for itself with its perched dining spots!
Here’s our selection of the best places to dine that will delight your eyes and your taste buds.

© le Ciel, rooftop

Ciel Rooftop, the most urban of all

This is the rooftop that dominates the region while remaining connected to the hyper-centre de Grenoble.

Perched on the foothills of the Bastille with an exceptional view of the Belledonne and Vercors mountains, Ciel Rooftop is both a fine well-crafted brasserie and a popular bar for summer evenings.

There's nothing complicated about getting there. Although the establishment has a number of parking spaces, we recommend that you walk up to it. From the Fontaine au Lion steps, on the Saint-Laurent quay, it’s just a 5-minute climb!

And don't forget that once you reach the top, you’ll be treated to delicious food and cocktails as well as some very Instagramable scenery. 

Le Bar Radis, the greenest

This unique hybrid venue, which aims to raise awareness of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture, while offering a friendly space for local residents and others, is perched 15m high at the very top of a car park.

Bar Radis has an impressive green roof terrace, a community café, a restaurant (vegetarian, organic and local), a greenhouse and a garden of almost 1,000 m2 to supply the restaurant.

The programme also includes workshops, concerts, conferences and events.

© Bar Radis
© Canopy

Canopy, the perched bistro

In the category of perched restaurants, we suggest the Canopy  ! A bistro like no other, as if suspended from the mountains that surround it.

While the view is breathtaking, your appetite will be whetted by the Mediterranean-inspired menu. From Italy to Lebanon, Portugal to Morocco, all the flavours are brought together in mouth-watering recipes.

We love the décor reminiscent of afternoons on the beach, with its comfortable sofas and wicker lights. Once you've settled in, you’ll want to stay all day and enjoy the setting and the great food... which is great as Canopy is open all day, every day except Sunday.

As a final treat, you can enjoy the cocktails (in moderation of course) on the sunny terrace, with the illusion of flying over the city. A feeling of weightlessness is guaranteed!

Levrette Café, the most party-like of all

Tucked away in the middle of Bonne eco-district , is the Levrette Café . An unusual bar with a party-like atmosphere.

You can choose to sit on the terrace or on the roof-top, with a lovely view over the eco-district gardens. The interior of Levrette Café has a warm, industrial feel

Their speciality? Putting a smile on your face! When it comes to setting the mood, Levrette Café knows what it's all about. The bar regularly organises parties: 90’s, Comedy Club, Afterwork socials, Beach Party and Blind test.

To go with it, and for those who like their food, try their levrettes and cocktails (in moderation), with dishes to share: vegetarian or mixed boards, nachos, burrata, etc. It's a perfect match.

With Bonne's peaceful setting, party atmosphere and delicious food, Levrette Café has the perfect mix for a great evening out.

© Levrette Café Grenoble
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    Les beaux jours arrivent et avec eux les premiers rayons de soleil printaniers. L’occasion rêvée pour ressortir ses lunettes de soleil et se poser en famille ou entre amis sur l’une des nombreuses terrasses de Grenoble Alpes.

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