Using the TAG network

Posted by Céline BAUDIN on 05/22/2018 at 09:17

Using the TAG network, Grenoble city

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You have just arrived with friends, family or for a professional trip? Getting to the city center from the train station may seem a little bit difficult but actually it is not the case at all.

Let’s get it started with a bunch of advises!

The TAG offers all around the metropolis an incredible network made of buses and tramways. So now, what’s the right direction to follow up? We just had to go straight on to the tram stop and we get a whole map depicting the lines (Bus + Trams) with timetables too. Also, surprisingly, Grenoble Tram Network gives you the opportunity to buy tickets directly at the train station stop named “Grenoble Gares”.

Thanks to an automatic distributor, you just have to put your money in or to use your bank card. And some passer-by even explain that it is possible to do so in each stop of the lines A, B, C, D and E ! An effortless way to enjoy public transportations without having to spend time on tickets’ reservation. Moreover, we learn that tram tickets can be used only for an hour and a half. Each of us, pay 5€20 for the day and we jump into a tram from the line B or A. Of course, we previously had a look on the map to be aware of what stop was on what line and so on and so forth).

Reaching Victor Hugo stop was pretty easy 5 minutes from the train station and we are in the central area. For about an hour and a half, we wander in the historical heart of the city; we are now close to a new tram stop “Chavant”. The perfect place where several tram lines are located when finally lunch time is coming! Taking this time line A, we are heading back to downtown areas with our tram tickets, still valid; we are looking for a good place to eat.

Next stop: “Hubert Dubedout, Maison du tourisme”. We are just in front of the tourist agency; this is why in a couple of minutes we received information and addresses to go to restaurants. Apparently we are not far away from nice restaurants to try on local foods. As sun is rising, we decide to go in the direction of “Les Halles ST CLAIRE” by foot but we could have definitely reached it thanks to the tram one more time.

Halles Sainte-Claire

During the beginning of the afternoon, we wanted to have a walk in a park we heard of: The Park “Paul Mistral”. After a tasty meal, let’s go back to the stop “Hubert Dubedout, Maison du tourisme”, then take Line A until “Chavant”, then change for Line C until the stop “Hôtel de Ville” and you are good to go!

Finally, to end up this beautiful day, discovering Grenoble, we decide to go for one last visit: The Museum of Grenoble . The tram network is indeed a very effective help to reach cultural and touristic sites. We took a tram, line C until “Chavant” stop then we reach for line A in the direction of “Fontaine La Poya” and we changed for line B: stop “Hubert Dubedout, Maison du tourisme” until the stop: “Notre Dame Museum”. And within 15 minutes, we are ready to start our museum’s tour. Definitely, tram is useful as a tourist in Grenoble, your best ally!

To conclude, I would say that using the tram in Grenoble is really easy and allows you to reach many places (congress centers, shows, shops etc). It is practicable and very fast. Moving in the city center would not have been possible without the tram network; on top of that it avoids being stuck into traffic and limits air pollution. What a nice a combo!

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