Family walk between Luitel and Prémol

Equipment : Pedestrian sports, Hiking itinerary

This is a very easy, family walk 45 minutes from Grenoble, located in an outstanding natural environment between the Lac Luitel Natural Reserve and Prémol.
Starting point: Luitel Natural Reserve car park

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From Grenoble, take the RD111, following signposts for Chamrousse 1750 and park at the Réserve Naturelle du Luitel car park. This reserve was created in 1961 to protect the peat bogs and unique flora around the lake.

Start with a visit to the Luitel Natural Reserve, following the footpaths and wooden walkways created around the peat bog. This type of peat bog was formed over 12,000 years ago when the glaciers retreated.
The area boasts very specific plant and wildlife that have adapted to this very acid, damp environment. The reserve features 255 species of plants, including marsh clubmoss, Rannoch rush and cranberry bushes. You will also see sphagnum, mosses that absorb water to form floating rafts and a tiny carnivorous plant called sundew.
Having explored the lake, it's time to go down towards the Chartreuse de Prémol. Once in La Chartreuse, you will see the ruins of the monastery, founded in 1234 at an altitude of 1095 m. The location met the conditions required for religious life, namely solitude, silence and a natural environment. The nuns were cloistered and their hermitage was completely cut off from the outside world. They spent most of their time praying and meditating, although they also spun wool, did needlework and copied illuminated manuscripts. One of their specialities was pharmacy and the preparation of potions.
Suffering from fires and then the passage of the Huguenots, followed by the Revolutionaries, the monastery was eventually abandoned. All that remains today are a few walls, the forest house and the ruins of the warden’s lodgings.
At the height of summer, this is a wonderfully cool place and ideal for a family picnic.
Walk back to the Col du Luitel on the track starting from the maison forestière that enables you to explore the other side of the lake.

Départ : Parking Réserve Naturelle du Luitel
Les chiens sont acceptés sur le sentier mais pas dans la Réserve Naturelle du Luitel
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Free of charge

Opening periods

Throughout the year : open daily.

Equipments and characteristics

  • Pets refused

Track characteristics

4 km
Positive level difference:
240 m
Daily duration:
1h 30min

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Au mois de juillet et août des visites guidées de la Réserve Naturelle du Luitel sont organisées. Informations en saison 04 76 86 39 76

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