A fall vibe weekend in Grenoble - Grenoble France

A fall vibe weekend in Grenoble


In duo or with friends: two days of culture and gastronomy

The atmosphere is refreshing, the leaves of the trees start to change color, the landscapes change and the sun is in the game. It's autumn, a particularly pleasant time to stroll and visit Grenoble region.



Enjoy a mountain dish on the terrace of a restaurant, eat an ice cream at the foot of the Old Parliament Building, linger in the city, take the height, walk in the mountains and enjoy the cultural events of the season for a unique experience in the city. This is the field of possibilities for your weekend in Grenoble.


1. At the heart of the urban and mountain atmosphere, all at once

What strikes you when you first arrive in Grenoble is generally the environment, this wide valley encircled by mountains with different styles: on one side the Vercors and its steep buttresses, on the other the Chartreuse, massive with dense and mysterious forests and finally Belledonne and its snow-capped peaks most of the year.

Wherever one looks, it always ends by looking at a mountain. It is a magical setting with changing landscapes and uncountable points of view.


2. The Bastille: the mountain within 5 minutes from the city center

From the city center of Grenoble and in a few minutes of ascent, you can admire the view of the valley and the mountains that surround it. The Grenoble urban cable car, The Téléphérique takes you in translucent cabins on the Bastille, the nearest mountain to the city.

Upstairs, two restaurants for a gastronomic moment, Chez le Pèr'Gras and O2 restaurant , and their exceptional decor: the view of the valley and the mountains.

This site also hosts the Museum of Mountain Troops , Acrobastille an acrobatic park for thrills, trail routes for the most athletic people and mountain hiking departures.

3. A whiff of culture

Push the door and step into one of the most prestigious museums in Europe: Grenoble Museum. This autumn, exhibition event at the Museum of Grenoble from October 5, 2019 to January 5, 2020: PICASSO In the heart of darkness (1939-1945). Produced in partnership with the Musée National Picasso - Paris, this event aims to study one of the darkest periods in the life and work of the Spanish master.

The museum offers the opportunity to explore, without interruption, the history of Western painting over the last eight centuries and exhibits. It is also home to a rich collection of Egyptian, Greek and Etruscan antiquities: funeral furniture, objects of everyday life, sarcophagi ...

It is also the harvest season. Grenoble, in October, proposes in its center the festival named Millésime which mixes wine and classical music.

During two weeks, the association of wines and music colors the city with its special atmosphere, because Millésime is both an oenological festival, a music festival and a farmers' market.

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4. Taste, try out the Dauphinoise cuisine

In Grenoble many restaurants offer typical mountain cuisine in an atmosphere, which is mountain, innovative, warm and generous. We enjoy, we are delighted. Local gastronomy shines with hidden treasures.

From the producer to the plate

The Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage, cheese from the Vercors mountains, and its creamy marbled pasta. The walnuts, for a taste with many facets. Ravioli Royans these small pastas are more delicate than ravioli that can be cooked in wonderful ways. And of course, gratin Dauphinois is the best potato ‘gratin’ in the world. As an after-dinner liquor, try out a Chartreuse, this famous green or yellow liquor with 130 plants, is elaborated by Carthusian monks.

A good way to please the gourmet people.

"The descent of alpine pastures":
When cows go down to town

The mountains surrounding Grenoble metropolis, are the cradle of a soil of full of talents and flavors. These elements get together for this great popular celebration: cows, breeders, producers, traders, visitors and consumers.

An event dedicated to the terroir and gastronomy.

The "Descent of the Alpages" pay homage to the know-how and the local traditions in the field of gastronomy. It's a festival of local products. The productions of the Vercors, Chartreuse, Belledonne and Oisans trays meet on our tables for the happiness of the gourmets.

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We tested for you The Descent of alpin pastures

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