Winter holidays: ideas for fun activities in the mountains

Posted by Céline BAUDIN on 01/30/2023 at 15:36

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Looking for new thrills this winter? The Isère resorts invite you to experience something unique, with a range of out-of-the-ordinary activities!

Nature and animal lovers will love the dog-sledding and skijoring activities, while thrill-seekers can discover the snow-covered landscapes on their all-terrain electric two-wheelers or snowkites

Try out uncommon activities with your family, your partner or your friends, with a range of unusual activities and sports: orienteering, ice skating, archery, escape games and much more.

All the conditions are in place for an unforgettable winter and a whole host of mountain fun!

Vaujany - Chiens de traîneau © Pierre-Yves Calvat

Unusual activities

Outdoor escape game - Chamrousse - Belledonne

Help Téo, the resort’s mascot, to find his missing brother in an outdoor smartphone escape game between Chamrousse 1650 and Chamrousse 1750.

Skijoring - Alpe d’Huez - Oisans

Skijoring  is a great way to rediscover nature in winter at the same speed as a horse. But it's also a way of introducing non-riders to the pleasure of being in contact with animals!

Synthetic ice rink - Collet d’Allevard - Belledonne

From 6 February 2022, Le Collet invites you to come and check out its pop-up 100m2 ice rink, set up to give you fabulous holiday memories.

Alpe d’Huez - Ski Joëring © Laurent Salino
Col d'Ornon - Parcours orientation

Orienteering - Col d’Ornon - Oisans

An outdoor activity for all the family. Put on your snowshoes for an orienteering race in the forest where adults can rack their brains while the little ones learn to read a map and learn about protecting nature. 

Snowga, Yoga in the snow - Chamrousse - Belledonne

Come and try Snowga , yoga in the snow! During an energetic or more gentle session, combined with meditation, connect with the mountains and their benefits.

Snowshoeing and igloo building - Col de Porte - Chartreuse

Set off on snowshoes to discover the great outdoors with the Ecole de Porte. Along the way, the instructor will teach you the basics of igloo building. .

Snowkiting - Autrans & Méaudre-en-Vercors

Discover the pleasure of gliding along on a traction kite with Vercorspirit . The region's rolling hills make the resorts of Autrans and Méaudre an ideal playground for learning to snowkite. Get carried away with the wind!

Autrans Méaudre en Vercors - Snowkite © Vercorspirit

Electrically-assisted all-terrain two-wheelers

Over the last few seasons the top activities have been: Fat bikes, snow mountain bikes and electric scooters!

Trendy, eco-friendly and fun, these machines with their giant tyres are a real all-rounder on soft or tricky terrain. You'll enjoy the same sensations as classic summer sports, in a gorgeous setting, on snow.

Oisans - Ze Trott

Electric scooter - Auris-en-Oisans

Hire an all-terrain electric scooter in Auris-en-Oisans, for mountain outings with family or friends.

Electric scooters - Gresse-en-Vercors

Do you want to discover the electric scooter whether you’re on a guided outing or renting on your own? It's a new way of exploring the slopes without skiing, while taking in the magnificent Vercors scenery.

Dog sledging and Snowshoeing with dogs

Do you love animals and the great outdoors? You’ll love this very popular activity!

In contact with these dogs of incredible strength and intelligence, you can discover the musher's trade by driving the sled, enjoy new sensations on board, or go for a walk in nature with a gentle ball of fur. A real moment of sharing.

Alpe du Grand Serre - Chiens de traîneau © Olivier HUMEAU
Oisans - Cani-raquettes

Dog sledging - Vaujany - Oisans

The Ehawee team offers a range of activities for all ages, throughout the week: classic sleigh rides and the Baby Park.

Snowshoeing with dogs - Villard-Reculas - Oisans

Discover the world of mushing, with explanations about the Ehawee Team and the Oisans Ranch. Discover Villard-Reculas on snowshoes in the company of a husky!

Dog sledging - Alpe du Grand Serre - Matheysine

At the Alpe du Grand Serre, David offers dog sledging experiences in a dream setting. Comfortably seated with the family, escape is just around the corner with these wonderful fur balls!

Dog sledging experience - Oz-en-Oisans

Do you love nature and animals? Have a wonderful time with Barbara, Erwin and their huskies on a dog sledging experience.

Vaujany - Cani-rando © Pierre-Yves Calvat

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