10 good reasons to come to Grenoble

vue ville rivière verdure entre les immeubles montagnes verdoyantes

Here are 10 good reasons to come and (re)discover Grenoble Alpes, the beautiful and contemporary Alpine region. So many adventures await you here, whatever your preferences: nature, culture, sport, gastronomy. There’s such a wide range of experiences to embrace either alone, as a couple, as a family or with friends.

Grenoble has something for everyone!

A whole territory stretches before you, just as vast as the Alps all around us, and just waiting to be explored. Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions and some unforgettable memories to take back home with you!

1. At the heart of the mountains

Grenoble’s award as European Green Capital 2022 came as no surprise thanks to the environmental and societal initiatives in place, as well as its extraordinary natural environment. The Chartreuse, Belledonne, Oisans, Trèves and Vercors mountains together form a region with a thousand faces, the perfect place for contemplation and discovery.

2. 2,000 years of history to explore

From Gallo-Roman times to European Green Capital 2022, Grenoble has a captivating story to tell, filled with fascinating people and anecdotes. Come and learn all about the history of the area, including the infamous Journée des Tuiles (Day of the Tiles), the spark that ignited the French Revolution.

Façade nacine Palais du parlement Grenoble statue Bayard
Vélo piste cyclable grenoble

3. Bicycles - the ambassadors for the area

With 475 km of cycle paths and near the legendary mountain passes of the Tour de France, it is only natural that our territory is well-known as being one of the top places for recreational and day-to-day cycling. Grenoble is also believed to be the flattest city in France. Could that explain why the people of Grenoble are so passionate about cycling?

4. A gourmet city

Welcome all foodies! Grenoble has so much to offer for those looking for new flavours. Ranging from cosmopolitan to traditional, diverse types of cuisine are showcased in the restaurants of Grenoble. A whole culinary heritage awaits you, including Noix (nuts), Chartreuse liquor, the Gratin Dauphinois and the Bleu de Vercors-Sassenage!

5. The art of La Dolce Vita

There is an Italian vibe in the air as you stroll around the Saint-Laurent district. From the Middle Ages, Italian immigration played a key role in architecture, families and expertise in terms of craftsmanship and gastronomy. On warm summer days, the easy-going atmosphere, pastel colours of the buildings and bright sun will make you feel like you’re on the other side of the Alps.

6. Museums for everyone

If you’re a fan of museums, you won’t be disappointed! The Musée de Grenoble has one of the biggest collections of art in Europe, ranging from Egyptian Antiquities to the 21st century. The other museums in the local area are an opportunity to find out more about the history of Isère, and they are all completely free-of-charge. From archaeology to the industrial past, there’s no risk of boredom!

Parcours de Trail à la Bastille © T. Hytte klip

7. Sport everywhere, at all times

Whether you’re looking for some fun or to push your limits, Grenoble is a fantastic playground for sports fans. In summer or in winter, in the city or in the mountains, all sports are possible and can all be accessed using public transport. Grenoble Alpes is a land of hiking, skiing, canyoning and MTB. It is also a land of excellence and a favourite for champions, such as the ice hockey team, the Brûleurs de Loups, and the Olympic rowing champion Laura Tarantola.

8. The cultural life

The biggest challenge with regards Grenoble’s events’ calendar is to choose which events and shows you want to go to! Dance, theatre, music and circus arts, there’s always something going on in Grenoble. Culture is celebrated all year round here, with one of the biggest Street Art festivals in Europe and the longest-running short film festival in France.

Bastille verdoyante passerelle en bois façades colorées quais isere

9. Nature is everywhere

Nature is never far away in Grenoble. Embrace the amazing biodiversity as you walk through the countless parks, gardens and sensitive natural areas in our beautiful destination. The exceptional Bastille marks the entrance to the Chartreuse Regional Nature Park and is a fantastic example of the strong bond between the city and its natural environment.

10. Past and present innovations

Science and inventions have been transforming Grenoble since the 17th century. Vaucanson, Vicat, Bergès and Raymond are some famous names who left their mark on the history of Grenoble, just as today’s innovations keep the city’s current research hub booming. From Grenoble-Alpes University to the scientific district, come and find out about the amazing history of innovation in Grenoble.

Presqu'Île district
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